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Warrior's Heart Men's Retreat (Tickets available)

Hi my name is Lee Hettig.
And my mission is simple.
"To reduce the suffering of men, by helping them reach their true potential in their Mental, Emotional and Physical Health"

The Warrior's Heart Men's Retreat is a full immersion weekend of transformational brotherhood.
I'd like to invite you to join me in this powerful experience, at a magical location (
Full Details and Tickets Available Here:

With guest leader CIAN DALTON


1) You will experience a weekend of healthy eating, moving and bonding with other men. I will teach you how to design & implement a healthy lifestyle routine that WORKS FOR YOU, focusing on areas: Sleep, Diet and Exercise. I've combined over 15 years experience in the health & fitness industry, with the leading science to bring this information to you in a format that you will EXPERIENCE first hand and then take away and put into practice right away.

2) You'll participate in Five 3-hour Group Workshop Sessions (Men's Work) .During this portion of the weekend we will focus on where you are in life (Reality/Ego Check), where you want to be (Goals/Vision) and what's holding you back or creating the most pain in your life (Blocks/Patterns). This is where the power of Brotherhood & Men's Work synergize to create breakthroughs.

3) You will learn Breathwork Techniques and the Power of Cold Immersion. Our guest leader this weekend, Cian Dalton, Is a certified "Wim Hoff Method" Instructor.(
He's also a Personal Trainer, Ex Pro Boxer & Current Co-Owner of the Kitsilano business, "Stretch Space" along with his talented wife.
Cian will assist me in leading the morning breathwork & movement sessions & the boxing workouts later in the day.
Following the weekend you will leave with a 30 day breathwork and cold exposure challenge. If you don't already know, this stuff is powerful. And Cian is pro!

About me and My Vision

This is my Passion!
I'm a Men's Coach in the Samurai Brotherhood.
The Founder of Mixal Lodge (
I have 15 years experience as a Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach & Clinical Sports Massage Therapist. I've owned my own business for 15 years in the Health and Fitness industry.
Before that I was a National Level Amateur Boxer & Boxing Coach. During the last 2 years I have fully immersed myself in Men's work. And it's been life changing.

The Warrior's Heart Men's Retreat is quite honestly born out of my own suffering! It's the program I wished existed for all the years I have personally worked in the health and fitness industry. As a Personal Trainer, lifestyle coach & Body Worker, I saw that all the knowledge in the world only did so much. And that it was Community and the Full Immersion Experience that really seemed to make change stick. Both in my clients and in my own life. So I have gone all in on creating programs like this.

I'm not perfect or a "guru". And I don't have it all figured it.
Quite the opposite. I'm flawed and imperfect just like the rest of us. But I'm ok with that. Because I've learned how to be ok with that. And I've learned tools that help me get back on track when I fall off, which I do often. This event was born out of my own pain. It's the event I wish existed so I could join it and find my people and with the support of brotherhood, learn the craft of SELF MASTERY. And don't fooled. It's a journey, not a destination.

So, wanna join me?
I promise you won't be disappointed.

"The warrior's heart is light, his mind sharp, and his purpose clear. he lives by a code. A set of principles that determine his behavior and grant him his ultimate freedom. Freedom to respond rather that to react. He is a leader. His word can be trusted. His ego bows down to his heart. He lives in harmony".

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