Jaguar Medicine, Ceremonial Women's Retreat
to Nov 25

Jaguar Medicine, Ceremonial Women's Retreat

This is an invitation to a Women’s Meditation Retreat. This will be a beautiful opportunity for women to go to the Well of Wisdom together and individually to awaken and transform the Feminine Divine. A Healing and Visioning Retreat at the beautiful Mixal Lodge on Mixal Lake, Sunshine Coast, 3 days, 2 nights, November 22nd - 24th. You are receiving this invitation because you have attended gatherings with me in the past, worked with me privately or have let me know that you are interested in the work that I offer. I ask that you treat the information with confidentiality and do not invite or share the information with anyone, without checking with me first.

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Wim Hoff Retreat with Cian Dalton
to Dec 1

Wim Hoff Retreat with Cian Dalton


During these two days, all facets of the Wim Hof Method will be extensively explored. The theory behind the Method will be discussed, but the majority of the workshop will be a step-by-step instruction or, rather, feeling, as Wim often says: “feeling is understanding.”

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Private Event (Wedding)
to Jul 20

Private Event (Wedding)

Want to host your own wedding?

We can hold up to 50 people.
18 sleep at Mixal Lodge. Nearby hotels are available for remaining guests.
We take care of everything! Catering, Marquee, Decor, Flowers, Music, Photography & MJ.
At Mixal Lodge we wanted to create an affordable boutique wedding experience for smaller, more intimate weddings. We take the stress out of everything so you can relax and enjoy your day!

Fill out Booking Request Form & we will be in touch. :)

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Warrior's Heart Men's Retreat (Tickets available)
to Jun 16

Warrior's Heart Men's Retreat (Tickets available)


The Warrior's Heart Retreat is a Men's Full Immersion Experience that empowers men with tools they need to succeed. This Warrior's Heart Retreat will be co-led by Men's Coach, Lee Hettig, and Cain Dalton

During this 2.5 day retreat you will learn...

  1. How to connect with other men in a meaningful way (Brotherhood).

  2. How to beat procrastination & embracing self discipline.

  3. How to create your own CODE of principles to live by.

  4. How to create a health and lifestyle plan that works FOR YOU!

"The Warrior's Heart is Light, his Mind Sharp, and his Purpose Clear. He Lives By His Code. A Set of Principles That Determine his Behavior and Grant Him His Ultimate Freedom. He Responds and Does Not React. He Is a Leader. His Word Can Be Trusted. His Ego Bows Down to His Heart. He Lives in Harmony".

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ManTalks: Performance Mastermind Weekend (Private Event)
to May 26

ManTalks: Performance Mastermind Weekend (Private Event)

Mantalks Private Intensive led by Connor Beaton

(Learn more and apply using link below)

The Performance Mastermind is Designed to Create the Experience You Need to Deliver the Results You Want. Live Your Purpose + Grow Your Business!

  • Develop Deep Purpose

  • Solve Stubborn Problems

  • Execute on Your Vision

  • Integrate Your Whole Life

The Structure

  • 12 Deep-Dive Focus Sessions

  • 4 Weekend Sessions

  • Weekly Accountability

  • Strategy + Troubleshooting

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ManTalks: Men's Work Weekend
to May 20

ManTalks: Men's Work Weekend

ManTalks Intensive led by Connor Beaton.
Find your purpose, navigate transition, fix your relationships, all with a powerful group of men from around the world.

Apply Here:

There is no better way to know what you deserve, energize your life, and align it to a deep purpose than working with other like minded, committed men.

What To Expect:

  • Deeply connect to your purpose

  • Learn how to lead your relationship powerfully from a place of confidence, love, and strength

  • Understand and move through the limitations that have held you back for years

  • Real, bold, and courageous conversations with like minded men

  • A deep understanding of the man you’re capable of being, and how to become him.

  • A weekend which will push you mentally, physically, and emotionally to get out of the comfort zone that’s been keeping you from reaching your goals and potential.

  • Nature. You’ll be immersed in one of the most beautiful locations that you’ll never forget, deep in the forest.

“I am finally the man I have always wanted to be because of my work with Connor. I can navigate my emotions, prioritize on my agenda, and I have never been more successful, or had as much clarity in business, love, and life.” – Trevor

“This is the work all men should be doing.” – Andrew

“Working with Connor has radically changed my outlook in life, relationships, level of fulfillment, and business.” – Ketan

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